2011 TOUR


Eastside Cannery Hotel

Sammy Shore

Elvis Presley Show

January 7th & 8th 2011
Showtime 8pm

January 9th 2011
Showtime Special with Pauly Shore at The Palms

January 13th, 14th, & 15th The Palms Hotel with Pauly also showtime special
with Pauly at The Palms Hotel, Vegas
January 27th Suncoast Hotel


“Funny Bones” All-Star Comedy Jam At The Palms Casino Resort

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starring Pauly Shore, George Wallace,

Bobby Slayton, Sammy Shore, & many more.


April 15th & 16th 8pm
Sammy Shore Legends of the Comedy Store

Staring Sammy Shore & Top L.A. Comedians April 15th & 16th 8pm

Mention Funny Bones and no cover charge
Eastside Cannery & Hotel on Boulder High Next Sam’s Town

May 20th & 21st
Sammy Shore’s Legends in Comedy
Eastside Cannery Hotel, Vegas
“Pit Bull of Comedy”Bobby Slayton with Sammy the Bullshitsu!

“Father Knows Best” Sammy will be touring with Pauly Shore

Las Vegas, NV June at The Southpoint Hotel June 10th, 11th, & 12th

June 24th & 25th Comedy Store – Jolla,Ca.
July 8th & 9th
Eastside Cannery- with Bobby Slayton

July 16,17th Orleans hotel with Norm Crosby

July 28th=30th

Aug 13th
Paduca,KY Elvis show

Sept. 23th & 24th Eastside Cannery Hotel – Bobby Slayton
Also in process FUNNY BONES reality show.

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